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  3. It would be cool to have a VIP system implemented. Restricting access to upgrading and/or different costs for VIPs.
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  5. GCM-DRP


    Is there any option to make just a special group of items storeable in the backpack?
  6. can you send workshop link on that specific skin so I can try it on my end?
  7. Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue.
  8. David

    Place Anything

    I think both are fine, I personally don't use Stack Modifier
  9. The notes say that, "Skins Stacks Fix is required." Is this true if I have Stack Modifier installed (which conflicts with Skins Stacks Fix)?
  10. Hello. I have a problem, not sure what causes it, my friend owns a server and recently he added a plugin which allows players to craft the MLRS, and we wanted to make a little icon for it, custom made, so he asked me to make one, and I did, in the crafting menu it works fine, but when it is in the inventory it shows the large pool icon, the name is correct, and when I place it it's the MLRS but for some reason the icon doesn't wanna cooperate. Can you give me any suggestion please what might be the cause ? Thank you in advance.
  11. David


    "Allow storing of non-empty backpacks in boxes.": false, there is this option in config
  12. Are there any concerns with taking the backpacks and putting them in say a large wooden box because of a container in a container?
  13. David

    Copy Url

    Version 1.0.0


    Create custom commands which gives your players option to copy paste your links directly from game.
  14. David

    Backpack Upgrader

    Uploaded new version, it should remove permissions when player connects on fresh wipe, havent tested it tho
  15. Understood. So for the meantime there's really no way to rest progress universally. I would have to revoke permission for each player on each level?
  16. DeX

    Backpack Upgrader

    Hi there, would it be possible to add a permissions somewhere, so higher ranked players like "regulars/veterans" can use bigger backpacks?
  17. David

    Backpack Upgrader

    It has no data file, it gives out permissions for backpack slots. I would have to come up with some system to remove permissions from all players on wipe
  18. David

    Easy Reload

    Version 1.0.0


    Reload plugin by using short console commands without needing to type whole plugin names. Easy reload is also sending ingame load/unload messages for admins or users with permission. NOTE: unloaded plugins has to be loaded back with native oxide command, EasyReload register only loaded plugins. CONSOLE COMMANDS r <partial plugin name> - reloads plugin with matching name u <partial plugin name> - unloads plugin with matching name PERMISSIONS easyreload.console - console message on plugin load easyreload.chat - chat message on plugin load easyreload.reload - allows command usage
  19. I'm apparently blind. Where's the data file to wipe all player data for this? I haven't been able to find it for the past several wipes. A.K.A. the entire time I've been using it.
  20. Would it be possible to add a command that revokes all the users back to use.1?
  21. CrazyCro

    Simple KDR

    Cant get it to work with NPCs
    Best one!
    This plugin is simple and AMAZING at the same time!
  22. Paul

    Auto Teleport

    Version 1.0.0


    Auto accept teleport for Clans and Rust Team with the possibility of disabling. NTeleportation is required PERMISSIONS autoteleport.use - to allow use chat Commands /atp clan - disable or activate clan teleport /atp team - disable or activate team teleport
  23. David


    Version 1.0.8


    Give your players backpacks in form of physical items instead of just ui button. Simple and lightweight plugin, backpacks are initialized as ingame container parented to actual item so there is no data saving. You can create unlimited amount types of backpacks. COMMANDS console command givebackpack <backpack name> <steamid>
  24. David

    Simple Stats

    Version 1.0.4


    As title states, very simple kill/death leaderboard plugin for your server. Data are cached every 2 minutes (can be changed) so plugin is very lightweight and is not performing massive data sorting every time someone opens leaderboard. This plugin is compatible with WelcomePanel 4.0.2 and higher get new version in our discord COMMANDS /stats - opens leaderboard PERMISSIONS simplestats.exclude - exclude player with this permission from data
  25. Does this remove safe zones created in Rust Edit as well? Or is it monument/prefab based?
  26. Atope

    Place Anything

    good plugin and good dev.
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