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WelcomePanel Extended 4.0.91

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What is WelcomePanel v4
Many of you might be confused why there is separate version from what is available at codefling and why are you required to pay for the plugin again. Reason why v4 is basically paid upgrade is amount of time it took to develop and running cost associated with having control panel for user's convenience. Version 3.x.x will remain at codefling as "lite" version for users who looking for cheap solution for their servers, it will remain fully maintained alongside with addons.


Benefits and Improvements
Is v4 worth it? Here are pros and cons as I see them.

1009430615105491094.webp?size=128&qualit convenient control panel for faster editing, especially for new server admins with less experience
1009430615105491094.webp?size=128&qualit decent performance increase, ui is fully cached (response time is few miliseconds faster)
1009430615105491094.webp?size=128&qualit almost zero limitations in customization, ability to add own buttons and panels unlike in old version
1009430615105491094.webp?size=128&qualit ability to add custom buttons into your pages with text
1009430615105491094.webp?size=128&qualit fully responsive full screen layouts, even on wide screens
1009430615105491094.webp?size=128&qualit currently two free addons SimpleStats and DailyRewards, few more coming in future
1009430615105491094.webp?size=128&qualit upgraded Kits addon available 

1009430613025116170.webp?size=60&quality control panel is mandatory for customization
1009430613025116170.webp?size=60&quality only plugin owner has access to customization (will change in future)
1009430613025116170.webp?size=60&quality multi server organizations will be required to purchase more license keys 
1009430613025116170.webp?size=60&quality not being able to edit code (some users might not like it)
1009430613025116170.webp?size=60&quality higher price I guess (still lower compared to other devs)

When updating from version 3.0.0 - 3.0.8
Make sure you delete your old WelcomePanel config file before installing new version.
After you install new version, don't forget to put your license key into new config file.

Where is all the customization ?
Configuration of the plugin was moved to web control panel. You can log in with your
discord account and then activate your license key which you claimed in our discord.

How can I get my customer key ?
After your purchase of WelcomePanel v4 you received email with your order number.
Head over to our discord and type /key command together with your order number.
Our bot will respond to you with your license key.

I need multiple keys for my servers
Purchase of WelcomePanel includes one license key. You can use it on multiple servers
but for making different configurations you will have to purchase another key for 3.39$ (+0.7$ paypal fee)
WelcomePanelAddons counts as global upgrade for all your current and future keys, therefore you DON'T need to buy addons multiple times for each key.


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